SCREW CANCER:  Live Life Passionately


Hayley B. Colina, a Florida attorney, motivational speaker, lecturer, columnist, author and founder of EQ Women Succeed LLC tells her story about surviving lung and brain cancers. She tells of living life passionately; no matter what circumstances life throws at you. Her personal stories and lessons show you how to turn your life from ordinary to extraordinary. Hayley shows and encourages you to dare to live your life like others only dream of living. Utilizing her philosophies of the "EQ Lifestyle," she awakens your power within to go after your dreams to live your life your way and with your terms.

This book is not just for those who have experienced cancer, but it’s a dynamic and inspirational awakening for everyone. Hayley’s goal is to reach as many people as possible. She hopes her experiences and lessons learned will awaken you and motivate you to live your life passionately on your own terms. Create a life you cannot wait to live!Type your paragraph here.

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