About Hayley

Hayley Colina is the Founder and CEO of EQ Women Succeed, LLC. She is also a Florida Attorney, graduate of the University of Miami School of Law. Additionally she is an entrepreneur, inspirational/motivational speaker and a powerful, daring, action motivating coach with passion, excitement and purpose for true meaningful living.

As a practicing member of the Florida Bar Association, she finds time to reach out to others. It is Hayley’s core belief that every woman not only has the ability to succeed but also has the duty to herself and the world to use her gifts and live her purpose beyond her dreams. In her life, Hayley has gone from being a high school dropout at age 15, a teenage mother and wife at 17, and a survivor of two abusive marriages ending in divorce, to becoming a lawyer at the age of 40.

Hayley is also an advocate for animal rights and in her spare time enjoys boating, swimming, traveling and last but not least Hayley is also a motorcycle enthusiast! The freedom felt from riding a motorcycle is one of the things that she is adamant about. Ms. Colina promotes it to all the women she meets. Hayley preaches it as an amazing opportunity in achieving happiness, freedom of mind, confidence and inner peace.

Life is not forever, do not settle

go dare to live your dreams!

Hayley strives to see that women dare to reach their full potential. She has observed that so many women, from all walks of life, even those who are entrepreneurs, achievers, movers and shakers, were still unhappy where they are. She observed that even strong independent women struggle year after year still dreaming about their goals. Out of her personal life experiences, years of research and massive passion, she became tremendously driven to see women dare to fulfill their life and purpose beyond their dreams. It is with this deep passion that she created EQ Women Succeed, LLC.

Hayley is available to travel the United States and internationally to share her contiguous passion, wisdom and training. Hayley currently resides in Boynton Beach, Florida with an unstoppable love for life and for propelling women worldwide to create massive exciting lives.

E (Exemplified) Q (Quality) Women Succeed derives its energy from the belief that: . “There are absolutely NO limits. The only limits are the ones you set yourself”.

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